Selling costs

REALTORS® fees or commissions vary. Compensation is always agreed to beforehand between you and your REALTOR®.

When is the commission or fee payable - The Standard Multiple Listing Contract provides that the fee or commission is payable on the earlier of the following:
  •  completion date under the Contract of Purchase and Sale; or
  •  the actual date that the sale completes.
The GST - Applies to REALTOR® fees and other services.

Other Costs
  •  Adjustments, may include property tax adjustments
  • Final maintenance and utility costs
  •  Lawyer or notary fees and expenses – attending to execution of documents
  • Costs of clearing the title, including:
  1. Discharge fees charged by encumbrance holders
  2. the actual date that the sale completes

  • Insurance - should maintain until the latter of either the date when you receive the proceeds of sale or when you vacate the property
  • Real estate commission fee
  •  Moving fees

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